Residential real estate Nevada


Buying and selling homes are some of the most serious decisions that people are faced with; this is why we provide you with as much profit or savings as possible. We list our client’s homes for a very nominal 1.5% only, and ensure that you get the most profit that is available for your home when selling. In addition to this there are also a number of other things that we do for our clients on a professional basis which ensures that they are always in a winning situation.


When you are looking to buy the perfect home which is available for yourself and your family we help you find that ideal home of your dreams to suit your budget and needs, in addition to that we further sweeten the deal by providing our clients with 1% of the commission cost of the home as down payment and or closing costs. This saves our clients thousands of dollars.


In the Nevada region if you are looking for the best agents at work , you need look no further. Our staff have worked with thousands of clients in the state, and helped them buy and sell homes and make perfect deals which in many cases surpass their expectations. We have almost a decade of experience in the field of buying and selling homes and this is something that we do to perfection.


We deal in all kinds of purchases and sales of homes, this means short selling and assisting our clients in getting Enhanced Relocation Assistance, which ranges from $3,000.00 to $30,000.00 paid by the lender to you. Most of our clients are unaware of the repercussions, tax ratifications, and legalities of foreclosure, and this is why we make it a point to educate our clients and provide them with the very best options that are available to them, where they can enjoy the best benefits available under the circumstances.


There are numerous features that are available and apply when it comes to foreclosure, and these are things that need to be taken into consideration. We ensure that we will provide you with information related to such sales which even your lawyer will not tell you about, related to getting you the best options and protection for yourself against your lender.  There are certain laws and rules that apply to personnel who are a part of the military and or other organizations who have security clearance which could possibly get revoked due to their credit score and ratings. We assist you with information related to situations such as these and a lot more. Best of all there are no upfront fees, we have had 100% success with thousands of clients so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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